Kings and Queens of the Mountain Hall of Fame

Welcome to the UK Cycling Events King and Queen of the Mountain Hall of Fame.

A few of our events throughout the year have a timed climb closed road section where participants get to give it their all to the top of an iconic climb, in order to achieve the ultimate accolade - the King or Queen of the Mountain. Although our Sportives are not races, the timed climbs provide a fun and challenging segment to a ride, while also catering for those with a bit of a competative streak.

Below you'll find the names, times and certificates of the previous King and Queen of the Mountain winners.

Peaks Tour - 21st September 2019
Winnats Pass, Derbyshire

Peter Holloway
8m 01s

Nicky Russell
10m 28s

Sussex Downs Classic - 7th September 2019
Kidds Hill, East Sussex

Max Ashwanden
4m 51s

Sarah Hutt
7m 16s

CW 125 - 9th September 2018
Oulton Park Lap, Cheshire

Hannah Wilson
6m 15s

Mat Ridyard
6m 21s

South Downs 100 - 14th October 2018
Butser Hill, Hampshire

Cris Coxon
4m 04s

Nadia Wilkinson
4m 44s

Peaks Tour - 19th May 2018
Winnats Pass, Derbyshire

Steven Parsonage
7m 20s

Kate Brown
10m 31s

South Downs 100 - 22nd October 2017
Butser Hill, Hampshire

Ian Mccann
4m 42s

Victoria Wyeth
7m 47s

CW 125 - 10th September 2017
Oulton Park Lap, Cheshire

Chris Fell
5m 20s

Amy Connor
7m 32s

Peaks Tour - 14th May 2017
Winnats Pass, Derbyshire

Edward Cox
8m 36s

Kate Sealy
12m 06s

Peak District Punisher - 11th September 2016
Winnats Pass, Derbyshire

Andrew Hunter
8m 25s

Sally Greenwood
12m 33s

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