UKCE & Alzheimer's Research UK

Posted on Thu, Mar 03, 22

We are very pleased to announce UK Cycling Events' continued partnership with Alzheimer's Research UK for 2022. Together we are hosting two events this year to help bring awareness to dementia while keeping ourselves, and our brains, active. These events are the Cambridgeshire Classic in March and the Kent Classic in October. You can find out more about both events further down this email.

As we all know, cycling is a great way to keep active and promote a healthy lifestyle, but there are plenty of other ways to improve your brain health, too. Alzheimer's Research UK has put together several tips as part of their Think Brain Health Campaign to help us all keep our brains healthy.

Simple steps to protect your incredible brain

Your brain is the most complex thing in the universe. It’s what makes you ... you. Billions of cells working together to control your emotions, memories, movement and speech.

But many of us take our brains for granted.

Just as we can protect other areas of our health, we can take steps to keep our brains healthy and reduce our risk of developing dementia later in life.

Alzheimer’s Research UK’s Think Brain Health campaign is a celebration of everything our incredible brains do for us and a guide to the simple things we can do to protect them in return.

There are 40 simple, everyday tips for better brain health as well as quizzes, information and blogs. The tips are centred around looking after your heart health, staying sharp and keeping connected.


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