Jimmy’s Iced Coffee collaborate with UK Cycling Events

Posted on Fri, Nov 06, 20

Jimmy’s Iced Coffee are partnering with UK Cycling Events to make their cycling experiences even more epic. Jimmy’s will be there on event days with their awesome branded truck, flags, Keep Your Chin Up mantra and a refreshing Iced Coffee post-ride pick-me-up. 

Here’s what Jimmy’s are all about…

In 2010, a guy called Jim Cregan from the South Coast of England created Jimmy’s Iced Coffee, a range of awesome ready-to-drink Iced Coffees which can now be found in the best fridges across the UK and beyond.

The inspiration? A petrol station shop whilst on a road trip around Oz.

Jim escaped there after doing a tonne of random jobs in the UK and needed a fresh start. It was there whilst road tripping, surfing, camping and chilling that he discovered the phenomenon of Iced Coffee. He knew he had to head back to the UK at some point and wanted to bring the Iced Coffee experience with him.

Fast forward 10 years and Jim is now back in the UK with his own company, Jimmy’s Iced Coffee, which is available in over 5000 outlets across the UK and beyond. He started the business with hissister Suzie and they now lead a team of over 20 crew, have 6 products and counting and do some great stuff helping the younger generation become inspired to do awesome things.

The Jimmy’s way is clear: get outside and get doing what you love. Life shouldn’t be behind a screen and it doesn’t have to be. Jim and the Jimmy’s crew have a huge passion for cycling, whether commuting to HQ, cycling around The Purbecks for fun or a mission cycle to raise money for charity, the Jimmy’s crew want in.

Here’s a Q &A with Jim Cregan, Co-founder of Jimmy’s Iced Coffee

1. Favourite place to cycle to and why?

The New Forest. Why? It’s easy to get to, it’s forever changing, it’s wild and quiet, the gravel paths are amazing and it’s just so fun. You can get properly lost, cross rivers, fall off a lot and generally have a blast. I bloody love it. 

2. How did you get into cycling?

I did a ‘sort of’ networking event but by bike. It was a 40-mile ride and I did it on a mate’s Cannondale in shorts and trainers with zero prep. That gave me the bug. 

3. Longest bike ride you’ve ever done and where?

A ride to, around and back from the Isle of Wight. About 160km in total. So fun. 

4. What’s the one thing you love most about cycling?

The Freedom. That’s it. 

5. If you could only do one more bike ride ever again, what would it be?

The length of Oman with as much gravel as humanly possible. 

6. What UKCE event will you be getting your bike out for next year?

Gonna hit the 90k Chilterns Gravel ride. Yes! 

A word from Jim…

“I’m stoked to be partnering with UKCE. The company is run by a great team with heaps of experience

and they simply do great things. Encouraging more folks to get out and ride, enjoy the fresh air and

get exercise is fantastic, and we’re proud to play a part in that”.


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