#StayinandRide with Zwift

We don't have any more Zwift events planned just yet but we may have some in the future. We will let you know via our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. 

What do you need?

All you need is a turbo trainer, Bluetooth sensors, your smartphone or tablet and to download the Zwift and Zwift companion apps. If you have a Smart Trainer with built-in sensors, that'll work better but is by no means a requirement.

Zwift gives new riders the chance to try their platform out by letting you ride the first 25km for free. After that, Zwift is a subscription-based service that costs £12.99 per month but you can cancel the service at any time.

What you need to Zwift


How to join in

If you don't already have an account with Zwift, open up the Zwift app and create one. 

Once you've done that, open the Zwift Companion app and sign in.

Using the iPhone app tap 'more' at the bottom right of the screen and then 'Find Zwifters'. On Android, open up the menu (three lines top left) and click 'Find Zwifters'. Search for 'UKCE' and add Mike [UKCE]. Feel free to add any of our other team members - easily identified by the 'UKCE' at the end of our names.
Once you have started following us, one of our members will invite you to the meet-up and all you need to do at that point is let us know if you're going to attend. 

On the day of the meet-up, make sure your bike, sensors and trainer are ready to go, open the Zwift app and join the group. Remember, the meet-up is limited to 50 people so it will operate on a first-come-first-served basis. This first meet-up will last about 1 hour.

how to find us on Zwift

More info

For those of you completely new to Zwift, you may want to check out this useful video: What is Zwift?

We've also put together a few example setups of what you need to get up and running. Although this should be fairly obvious, owning a bike is a pre-requisite to this list. Riders who want to use Zwift on their Android phones or tablets should note that they should be able to cast their screens to a Chromecast or SmartTV for a better experience.

Budget set-up

Any turbo trainer - Example: Bikehut turbo trainer
Bluetooth Sensors - Example: Wahoo RPM Speed Sensor  or Bluetooth and Cadence sensors - Example: Wahoo RPM Speed and Cadence Cycle Sensors
(Minimum of one to use as a speed sensor. Two suggested to add cadence info)
Smartphone app Download
(iOS 9.0+ Andriod 7.0+)
25km free trial.



Mid Range set-up

Smart Trainer - Example: Elite Zumo Smart Interactive Turbo Trainer
ANT+ Receiver - Example: LifeLine ANT+ USB Stick
Laptop app Download
(Minimum OS: Windows 7 x64 bit, OSX 10.8. Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo. Memory: 4GB. Graphics: 1GB dedicated GPU, or embedded Intel HD 4000/AMD R5. Hard Drive: 4GB of free space.)
Monthly subscription £12.99 per month 

TOTAL COST: Approx £500 (Not including laptop)


High Range set-up

Smart Bike - Example: Tacx Neo Bike Smart
Apple TV (Minimum 4th gen) - Example: Apple TV 4K
Monthly subscription £12.99 per month 

TOTAL COST: Approx £1800 (not including TV)


For a complete breakdown of everything you need to know, our sister brand Cycling Weekly have put together a handy guide to get you going: Everything you need to know about Zwift


Happy pedalling!