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Our training partners Wattbike offer a total training solution which combines the most advanced indoor bike with cutting edge digital technology and world class training support. Their aim is to help every cyclist, from amatuer to elite, improve their performance and achieve their goals. Find out more at wattbike.com

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If you’ve got your on bike training down to a tee, what can you do to optimise your performance in other areas? Our ambassador Joanna Rowsell-Shand tells us why core work is the most important off-bike activity.

About Wattbike:

Wattbike is the chosen indoor training tool for many cyclists, from complete beginners to Olympic athletes and everyone in between. The Wattbike feels like riding a real bike and accurately measures over 40 performance parameters, helping improve your technique and making your training more effective.

If you own or use a Wattbike, or you’re simply interested in the benefits of training with power, subscribe to the Wattbike channel for regular features.

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Wattbike training programme

16 week training programme

Whether you've signed up to your first sportive and have no idea how to start training, or you're a seasoned expert looking to improve your performance. Wattbike have the perfect training plan to help you reach the start line ready and raring to go.

The Beginners Sportive Training Plan and the Active Cyclists Sportive Training Plan have been designed by Wattbike’s Sport Scientist Eddie Fletcher to help you achieve your goals, whatever your current fitness level or experience. The plans are 16 weeks in length, with 2-4 sessions of varying duration per week - perfect for the time crunched cyclist.

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Wattbike Training Tips

Wattbike Training Tips

Training with power offers many benefits including efficient training and precise measurement of performance, but did you know training with power can also help improve your speed? Find out how training with power can enhance your performance.

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