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Every cyclist dreads experiencing pain, injury or niggles on the bike which can make cycling uncomfortable and at worst, impact our performance.  

There are dozens of factors at play which can put you at risk of pain; your bike set up, cleat position, postural or muscular imbalances, or you may be recovering from an injury.

Sometimes you just don’t know what the root cause of the problem is, and it needs expert help.

Six Physio are therapy partners to UK Cycling Events and can help with any niggles or painful bits: they assess your bio-mechanics enabling them to focus on your strengths and weaknesses, to pinpoint where your pain is originating. For example:

  • Shoulder pain will more than likely be a result of your stiff flexed thoracic spine

  • Lateral hip pain originates from a poorly controlled lumbar spine

  • Knee pain could be a result of your saddle being too low or your quads being overly powerful

With 12 Clinics and over 20 years in Greater London, they know it’s really easy to make someone feel better quickly, but it’s slightly more complex to get them better long-term.

Don't Treat, Cure.

Their five cycling gurus love showing cyclists why and what they need to do to manage their symptoms, long term.

They will not only give you the ability to move better but coach and show you how to keep moving better; because they believe in really decent, functional rehab.

Watch the video above to understand why we experience common symptoms of pain when cycling.

Get 20% off your next treatment

You’re entitled to 20% off the cost of your next appointment at Six Physio when you enter either the Cycling Down Dementia South East Sportive or the Sigma Sports Box Hill Original.  

Enter one of these events, and we’ll send you an exclusive discount code for services including:

  • Sports Massage

  • Sports Assessments

  • Physiotherapy services

  • Men’s/Women’s Health Physio

  • Workstation Ergonomics  

They have six London-based clinics; five across Greater London and one in West Sussex. Their team are experienced in Sports Physio and with the majority competing themselves, they know what it’s like when you can’t perform at 100%.

If you choose to have a bike assessment you will be given a bespoke rehabilitation programme, including strength and conditioning but with a focus on flexibility. Visit for their full list of services and to find out more about their expert team.

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