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OneLife ID

OneLife iD – a modern approach to Personal ID

"Carrying a form of personal ID during cycle sportive events, training rides or off-road adventures simply makes sense."

OneLife iD are partnering with UK Cycling Events (UKCE) to help make sportives and events as safe as possible by raising awareness of the wide range of emergency ID products available.

Gone are the days of a faded business card in your back pocket as there are now numerous, effective personal ID options available.

For 2015 we want carrying an ID when cycling to become second nature, just like carrying a spare tube and pump!

OneLife iD – ID made easy for cycling

OneLife iD have spoken to a range of cyclists including top professionals like Luke Rowe of Team Sky and Russell Downing of CULT Energy Pro Cycling, and they all endorse carrying a form of ID when out riding.

That’s why OneLife iD offers a choice of ID products leaving you to decide which works best for you.


The OneLife iD range of sports, emergency and medical ID options include:
  • iD wrist band – comfortable & durable iD wristbands. Up to 4 lines of your personalised information engraved on the metal iD tag and available in a range of colours and styles. From £13.99
  • MiniTag iD – small, tough, colourful PVC iD tags that can be attached to clothing, saddle pouch, keys or belongings with up to 4 lines of printed personal information. From £4.99
  • Sticker iD – Emergency ID Stickers for bike, helmet and kit. Each sticker links to your OneLife iD online emergency profile. From £9.99
  • SmartPhone Emergency Screen. Each of our iDs comes with an updateable screenshot that turns your Smart Phone into an iD.
  • OneLife iD – informative, visible and durable

    OneLife iD’s innovative products are personalised, visible, durable and easy to use.

    Personalised Information - OneLife iDs are personalised with your printed information. You select the information you need to display on the iD. Remember contacts, allergies, medication and past medical history are the important points to cover.

    Where OneLife iD comes into its own is that supplementary information can be uploaded to your online profile. The profile comes with every iD, can store documents and images and can be updated whenever you wish.

    Visible to Emergency Responders – Emergency services are trained to look for emergency or medical IDs. Each of our iDs comes with an ‘ICE information carrier’ alert sticker for your helmet or bike. OneLife iD works continuously with emergency services and event organisers to raise awareness of Emergency IDs and how to access the information on them.

    Road Tested for Durability – our iD’s have been road tested over thousands of miles, in all weathers and in some of the world’s toughest races by top cycling professionals including Team Sky’s Luke Rowe


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