Wiggle Super Series

The Wiggle Super Series has the most amount of Sportives and MTB events to its name under UK Cycling Events’ watch with 40+ sportives taking place each calendar year. From January to December and from leg-busting climber’s rides to long-ranging distance events, this series is represented all over the country… and beyond.

Events in the Wiggle Super Series sell out well in advance, with many having been established for several years and longer as a hearty reputation follows among seasoned sportive riders and trail-blasting mountain bike enthusiasts.

Up there with the most popular on the calendar of the Super Series are the New Forest Spring sportive, MagnifiCat ride, South Downs 100 event and cycling day trips across the English Channel.

But it is all the events put together that make the Super Series the best and most popular sportive marquee among cyclists in the UK. With the route of each ride carefully designed with local knowledge to get the best out of every corner of the country, harnessing the most unique and cycling-centred features of all areas, you can pick any ride out of the huge number of routes here and make a day in the saddle yours, uniquely.

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