Ride Cotswolds Sportive

Saturday 30th May 2020

Event Information


A very big thank you for entering the Ride Cotswolds Sportive. Can't wait to ride? Great!

As we set to work laying the course, stocking your feeds, and polishing your medals, we ask that you read this information carefully as it contains details that will ensure the event runs smoothly and that you have a great day.

If you've entered for other riders, please ensure they receive a copy of this information before the event. Have fun and enjoy the ride!

Venue Address

The Fire Service College,
London Road,
GL56 0RH

Event Times

Epic Route Start Time: 8:00am - 9:00am
Standard Route Start Time: 8:00am - 9:00am
Short Route Start Time: 8:00am - 9:00am


The event centre will open at 7:20am to allow riders to park and prepare. Please do not arrive before this time.

Registration will open at 7:30am and closes at 9:10am. On arrival report to registration with your helmet, ID and order confirmation so you can collect your registration pack, timing chip and bike number.

No Helmet = No Ride

Remember to bring your helmet to registration so a member of staff can stick your timing chip to it.

It is mandatory that all riders wear a safety approved cycling helmet complying with latest US Snell B90/B95 or European standard CE standards. Any rider not wearing a helmet will be disqualified from the event.

Getting Ready

Once you have registered you can get yourself and your bike ready to ride. Remember to bring everything you will need for your ride such as drinks, energy bars, mechanical spares, mobile phone and route map. Below are some pointers on what you should bring with you.

Download the Map

You should take time to study the route you have chosen to ride before the event. An online version of the course is available via the event page but we also provide it in a PDF for you to download, which contains locations of the feed stations and mile markers. This can prove useful when out on the course as it will help you identify where you are (although there is no substitute for using your mobile phone to find your location). You should refer to your map frequently during your ride to confirm your location.

You can download the PDF map here: Download Event Map

Essential Items To Bring

You should carry basic tools, inner tubes and a pump to fix punctures or mechanical problems you may experience. A basic first aid kit is also recommended and you should bring a mobile phone so you can contact us if you need to. Spare inner tubes and basic spares are on sale on the day. There will be mechanical support if needed prior to the start. This support should not be relied on to fix existing problems with your bike, but to help resolve any problems that have occurred on the way to the event.

Our Official Apparel Partner, Santini, suggests layers are advisable to suit all weather conditions. In poor weather, a rain or wind jacket can be easily removed from rear pockets and tucked away easily if you get warm. Overshoes and gloves are essential in cooler weather, and we advise giving thought to exposed sections and descents, where temperatures are likely to be cooler.


The Cotswolds can present foggy conditions in some areas, even in the height of summer. We strongly recommend that riders bring both front and rear lights and attach them securely to your bikes as a precautionary measure to help other road users and riders see you. It is also advisable to bring high visibility clothing where light is likely to be reduced, especially in shaded areas, and when fog or rain is forecast.

Food & Drink

Make sure that you have enough food and drink for the ride. Additional drinks, snacks and energy products are on sale on the day. Free energy drinks and snacks are available at the feed stations on the route, but you should carry enough food to last you the ride.

Bike Numbers

During morning registration, you will be given a bike number. Please make sure you attach your bike number to the front of the bike so it can be seen clearly. Do not wrap it around your bars.


You will find contact numbers on your map and on the bike rider number:

Medical Emergencies: 07961 063 100

Mechanical Assistance: 07854 081 972

Please add these numbers to your mobile phone before you ride. These numbers are for use in emergencies only. Please do not call these numbers for non emergency situations.

In the event of mechanical issues, please be mindful of other road users. For your safety, and theirs, try to move to the side of the road and come to a safe stop. If possible, move yourself and your bike away from the road. If you are unable to fix the mechanical fault yourself, use the number above and wait for assistance. Place your bike upside down so it is sitting on its saddle and handlebars so our mechanic can spot you more easily.

In the event of a medical emergency, call us on the number above immediately. If the situation is deserving, please call 999 first and ask for an ambulance, but always call us straight after so we can get to you and assist the emergency services.

How to share your location

It's also a good idea to familiarise yourself with how to share your location from your phone. That way, in the event of mechanical failure or a medical emergency, you can send us your location and we will find you much quicker. Here are instructions on how to share your location using Google Maps and Maps for iPhone.

Routes & Start Times

When you are ready, make your way to the start line during the time slot allocated to the route you are riding. The start marshals will start riders in groups at 2 minute intervals. Listen to any instructions and route information the start marshals gives. Once you are instructed to, you can start the ride.

Epic Start Time: 8:00am - 9:00am

Dist: 100 Miles        Difficulty Rating: /10    GPX File

Standard Start Time: 8:00am - 9:00am

Dist: 80 Miles        Difficulty Rating: /10    GPX File

Short Start Time: 8:00am - 9:00am

Dist: 41 Miles        Difficulty Rating: /10    GPX File

Course Signs

Once you set off from the event centre the route will be marked with the use of arrow signs and marker ribbons. Arrows signs will be at all junctions on the route. So quite simply you follow these signs as you come to a junction.

Follow the red signs

The route is marked using red signs with white arrows. The route signs will direct you around the course and will be found at junctions and turnings.

Course Split

Course split points will be used to highlight where the route splits for the shorter distances. A red and white ‘course split ahead’ sign will warn riders that the route will split.

Course Arrows

The red signs with white arrows with the route name (i.e ‘Epic’, 'Standard', or 'Short') marked on them will direct riders at the next junction, in the direction they should take to complete their chosen route. It is important you take extra care when you see these signs to ensure you follow your chosen route.

Slow Down Signs

Slow Down signs are used to advise riders to reduce their speed as a potential hazard is ahead of them. When you see these signs you should reduce your speed and ride with extra caution.

Caution Signs

Yellow Triangular Caution signs will be used where appropriate to mark potential hazards such as, turnings off fast stretches of road, a fast decent and a crossing with a busier road. When you see these signs you should reduce your speed and ride with extra caution.

Although the route is clearly marked you should study your map before starting to familiarise yourself with your route. You should refer to your map frequently during your ride to confirm your location. If you accidentally stray from the route you should back track to the last point where you knew you were on the route.

On occasions the general public will tamper with signs. It is therefore each riders' own responsibility to follow the route themselves and to ride appropriately on the public roads.

Riders are welcome to change to shorter routes, as they are completing the event, simply follow the signs for one of the shorter routes at the course split points and inform us of your route change at the finish.

Rider Conduct

Out on the course

UK Cycling Events makes every effort to work collaboratively with local communities to run events. We ask that all riders please respect the local environment and members of the public whilst riding this event by taking care not to block private driveways or impose on private property whilst out riding. Please help us to continue working in harmony with local communities by respecting the environment, throwing litter in bins and using the toilets provided.

Please abide by the highway code at all times, we need to keep you safe and minimise the disruption to the local area, so please do not cycle more than two abreast at any time, and cycle single file where possible.Please also avoid long lines of cyclists so cars can move through. Riders are also reminded to cycle to the road and weather conditions - remember this is a sportive not a race.


Occasionally traffic may need to pass you whilst out riding. Please respect other road users and try to make room where it is safe and appropriate to do so. If riding in big groups of more than pairs, please try to let other road users pass safely. If you need to stop on the course, be aware of other riders around you before pulling up. We ask that where possible, you pull over to the left, in an area where you are safe, and not likely to obstruct other riders or road traffic.

If you do pass any horses please go slowly, make the rider aware of your presence and only pass when they say it is safe to do so, horses can be easily spooked.

As we all know there are issues with the road surface in the UK – please make sure you are riding at a speed and with enough line of sight that you can make any alterations necessary to avoid potholes, lumps and bumps.


On steep climbs, we recommend you allow faster riders to overtake you on the right. Please leave room for other riders to manoeuvre safely. If overtaking, call out to other riders to tell them where you are if necessary.

Science in Sport Feed Stations

There will be Science in Sport feed stations along the course. These are indicated on your event day map. This is an opportunity to top up your water bottles with SiS energy drink and take on board some food. Each feed station will have 2 sections:

  1. Eat-Me-Now foods - such as bananas / flapjacks etc. These are to top up your energy levels instantly.
  2. Keep-Me-Foods – each rider is entitled to pick up 1x SiS food product (energy bar, energy gel) and 1x energy drink at each feed station to take with them. These can be consumed later in the ride when you need a boost to get you to the next feed station or the finish. If the course is hilly and you are likely to need a boost on the climbs, we recommend taking these before your reach the climb for best effect.

This should supplement the food / drink you have taken on the ride and you should not solely rely on this as your only form of nutrition. Please take only your quota of free food at the feed stations as we have to cater for all the riders.
Track pumps, inner tubes and multi-tools will be available to use at these stations to assist you with mechanical problems.
For safety, riders must slow down in the approach and exit to any feed station. We ask that you please park your bikes and treat feeds tation facilities with care and attention.


We ask that all riders are considerate of the local community and the environment by placing any litter or nutrition packaging in the bins provided at the feed stations or the event village, or by tucking old wrappers into jersey pockets. Please do not be the rider who throws wrappers into the environment.

Route Clearing

Approx. 30 minutes after the last rider starts, our team will set out to clear the route. They will be removing all route signs and markings at this point.

Our team will stay behind the last riders and assist any riders who may be having problems. They will aim to have all route markings removed and all riders finished by approx. 5:00pm. Riders taking too long to complete the route may be directed back via a shorter route if it is deemed necessary by our experienced team.

On certain events, especially the longer ones, it is necessary to remove the course split signage to ensure slower riders will make it back to the venue in time. This means riders expecting to ride the Epic route who are behind schedule will be diverted to the Standard route.

At the Finish

At the finish line, make sure you cross the finish line so your time is recorded. There is no need to give your start number / timing chips back, as these are disposable.

Please make sure you collect your Finishers medal as you cross the finish line.

Timing Awards

Although Sportives are non-competitive, riders often like to set themselves targets to aim for. The table below shows the time and average speed required to achieve either the Gold, Silver or Bronze standard at this event. Rider times will be displayed in alphabetical order on our website www.ukcyclingevents.co.uk the day after the event. An email with a link to the rider times will also be sent to all riders when ready.

       Men    Women  
Route Award Distance Avg Speed (Men) Time Avg Speed (Women) Time
Epic Gold 100 > 15.5 mph < > 14.5 mph <
Epic Silver 100 > 14 mph < > 13 mph <
Epic Bronze 100 < 14 mph > < 13 mph >
Standard Gold 80 > 15.5 mph < > 14.5 mph <
Standard Silver 80 > 14 mph < > 13 mph <
Standard Bronze 80 < 14 mph > < 13 mph >
Short Gold 41 > 15.5 mph < > 14.5 mph <
Short Silver 41 > 14 mph < > 13 mph <
Short Bronze 41 < 14 mph > < 13 mph >

Share your ride pics!

Please feel free to let us join the fun and tag us in any pics of your day. Our hashtag is #GetOutAndRide. We do promote responsible picture-taking! You can also get event updates, promotions, advice or simply make friends and join the conversation with lots of other riders on social media.

Event Photography

SportivePhoto will be taking photos of riders during the event. Visit their website after the event to view and purchase your photos. We will send out an e-mail when the photos are available.

Six Physio - Post event massage

Get set for your next challenge!

Six Physio will speed up your recovery post cycle. Their Massage@Events team will be in the event village offering 15 min massages for only £10. Just look for the red tent. Minimise your aches, maximise your recovery. Loyalty cards are available - buy 4 get 1 free. Visit sixphysio.com