Adventure Cross


Adventure Cross

  • Galloway Gallop Adventure Cross

    1st Oct 2017


  • Lakeland Monster Miles Adventure Cross

    15th Oct 2017


The Adventure Cross Series feature interesting and challenging multi-terrain rides across trail, bridleways and lanes.

Adventure Cross routes are designed to be 100 per cent rideable on both mountain bikes and cyclo-cross bikes. The on/off-road nature of the routes make either machine a great tool, with each coming into their own at different parts of the course.

While cyclo-cross riders may put distance between themselves and the mountain bikers on the road sections, the fat-tyred (not fat and tired) brigade will find themselves at a distinct advantage on the more rocky or technical junctures. The choice of bike is yours!

Adventure Cross is physically demanding, especially on a 'cross bike or fully rigid mountain bike, and rewards skilful bike handling. It is an excellent cross training discipline for improving bike handling skills and, by definition, takes place in a low-traffic environment. All events offer participants a choice of rides, the Massif, for the more adventurous riders, and the Mini Massif perfect for riders looking for a new challenge, and the routes take riders to remote parts of the country and reward them with stunning scenery.

This Years Past Events

  • The Pennine Pedaler Adventure Cross

    4th Jun

  • Peak District Pioneer Adventure Cross


  • Moors and Shores Adventure Cross

    2nd Apr