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MBR Demo Days

MBR Demo Days

Buying a new bike can be painful, and not just to the bank balance. After visiting stores, asking friends, trawling the Internet, and reading every review going, you still might not be sure how your potential new bike will ride.

At the MBR Demo Days we take some of the leg work out of buying a new bike and we aim to make it as fun as possible in the process. We bring together some of the best bike brands at great riding venues, so you can squeeze in as many demo rides into one day as possible and hopefully find the bike for you.

The MBR Demo Days are demo days with a difference. The whole point of the MBR Demo Days are to give you an opportunity to meet the teams behind the brands and get out and ride some of the latest pieces of kit. But we also ask you to be MBR bike testers for the day and we want you to rate the bikes you ride and give us your feedback to go towards a MBR Demo Day bike test feature. Our MBR photographers will also be out on the trails so you will be able to download photos of yourselves shredding the best new bikes for free. Then at the end of the day you’re invited to share a beer with our team.

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