Cycling Sportive Event offers

We frequently offer discounts, vouchers or flash sales on our cycling events. Any event with a currently active offer will appear on this page, so make sure you check back often as not to miss out on money-saving deals for an event in your area. You should also sign up to our newsletter to get the latest offers and discounts direct to your inbox.

Season Passes - up to 35% off your rides

Purchasing either ten, five or three events in one single transaction is a great way to keep you motivated and riding all year. Find out more over on our Cycling Season Passes section.

Mates Rates - 10% or 20% off the basket when you enter four or more riders

We understand that many of our riders like to ride with friends - it makes the day even more enjoyable. With this in mind, we have introduced a group discount (something we like to call mates rates) of 10% or 20% off, depending on what event you enter. The discount will be applied automatically at checkout when you enter 4 (four) or more riders into a single event. You can view all upcoming cycling events here: Cycling Events

Our mates rates offer does not apply to our Season Passes. Mates Rates do not apply to any Late Entry offers. Mates rates cannot be used in conjunction with other offers (in most cases) so you'll have to do the math to see if an active voucher code will save you more per entry compared to the current mate's rates discount. If that is the case, make sure you enter no more than three riders at a time, or the mate's rates deduction will automatically kick in.

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