Join the #CW5000 Challenge

The CW5000 Challenge has been put together by our sister brand Cycling Weekly to inspire you to keep riding throughout 2020.

It is a commitment to ride 5000 miles in the calendar year. Once you signed up and made that commitment you join a community of like-minded individuals to share your story with. Take part in monthly challenges, win prizes, get access to exclusive content – be inspired.

5000 miles breaks down to just 13.7 miles a day, which for most is around 1 hour on the bike. You don't need to change your life; you do need to stick at it, and you will reap the benefits.

You can enter as an individual if you are up for the challenge, or if you think you need a bit of help reaching the 5000-mile milestone you can enter as a team and share the experience and the workload with friends.

Whether the miles are logged on your sportives, virtual cycling challenges, daily commute, lunchtime ride, evening turbo session or weekend adventures, they all count. It’s a free to enter, honesty-based challenge and the #CW5000 community will be along for the ride to motivate, celebrate and provide advice.

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Why join the #CW5000 challenge

Taking part in the #CW5000 challenge is a great way of adding purpose to your training and keeping you motivated. It can also help you accomplish something you didn’t think you could, get fit, and make new friends, or raise money for your favourite charity.

5000-miles in one year is no easy feat, but it is achievable. You don’t need to change your life but you do need to stick at it. Be inspired to ride in 2020.

#CW5000 for health

The benefits of cycling include weight-loss, improved mental health, increased muscle mass, reduced risks of heart disease and cancer, better lung health, sleep and brainpower. There are just a few reasons to sign up to #CW5000.

Spend around 1.5 hours a day cycling and not only will you smash the 5000-mile barrier in the next 12 months, but you’ll also give your body the best tune-up it’s ever had. Cycling is one of the best possible ways to get active and become healthier. It’s free, simple and easy to fit around your daily routine.

How the #CW5000 challenge works

Sign up

Sign up is super easy, just enter your name and email address and a team name if you plan on completing the challenge with a group of friends. Join us for a year of miles and memories.


This is YOUR challenge. It is not a mile-chasing thing but rather a journey. It is about being inspired to get out and ride your bike, enjoy riding and reaping the benefits. You need to make a commitment to tick off the miles, even in the dark winter months to keep ahead of the curve, and we will supply the inspiration.


Whether you use phone or computer you can record your miles with a preferred ride tracking software, while riders who prefer to log miles by more traditional means can pick up a the #cw5000 mileage chart in the January 02 issue of Cycling Weekly. Once you complete the challenge you will just need to submit a link to an online profile showing your annual miles, or a picture of a mileage chart.


#CW5000 has an awesome Facebook group which will help inspire you to ride in 2020! You can get ideas, help, make friends, share your rides, arrange meet-ups or just shoot the breeze.


Everyone who embarks on this journey will become a member of the #CW5000 community and within the group, e-newsletters and Cycling Weekly magazine we will celebrate the achievements of our members. Everyone who finishes is eligible to certificates, medals and triumphant merchandise from the #CW5000 shop.