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Ride safe in 2014

OneLife iD is the innovative sports and emergency personal identity system. The OneLife iD ( ) partnership with UK Cycling Events has been extended to offer riders an opportunity to buy a UKCE Team iD band and access the new 2014 range of OneLife iD products.

The new products provide a range of multi-functional interactive personal IDs that can be used as an emergency or medical identity during events, while out training, at work or play and by all the family. The OneLife iD system includes engraved or printed summary ICE (in case of emergency) details on its range of products which includes ID bands, stickers, cards, dog-tags and key-fobs and an innovative mobile phone screenshot that turns your phone into an ID.

Additionally, each product has a QR code or weblink that connects to your personal online OneLife iD profile webpages. The OneLife iD profile can be updated when needed and users can supplement summary information on the iD products with more online detail including additional ICE contacts, important documents (medical, insurance), images and internet or social media links.

Ride safe in 2014 and show you are part of the UKCE rider community with our OneLife iD in UKCE team colours.


OneLife iD Concept

The flexible range of OneLife iD products, combined with its online profile, provides an adaptable ID system for all:

  • lifestyles (active people, commuter, kids and seniors)
  • activities (sports, commuting, travel or play)
  • functions (emergency, medical, social or lost and found)
iD made easy

UKCE and OneLife iD are continuing to collaborate in 2013 and are offering new products (mobile phone ICE screen, stickers, and Card iD) that make it easy to include ID as part of ride routine. No need to ‘think ID’ before a ride because they are already attached to helmet and bike or carried in wallet and smartphone – Ride Safe in 2013.

With OneLife iD the user selects the iD product or combination and decides what information they need engraved or printed on the iD. Then they activate their online profile, include their choice of additional information and set up the free mobile phone ICE screen.

Try out our example profile and use the emergency PIN 1234

In an emergency people can immediately read the summary ICE information and access your profile and emergency or medical details by scanning the unique QR code on your ID or entering the profile weblink into a web browser. Medical and emergency information within your online profile is protected by a personal PIN included on the iD.


Multi function
Emergency contacts info
Medical details
Identify your valuables
Social - plus links to social media
Business and networking
Online Profile
NEW – mobile ICE screen
Add detailed info + photos
Design your profile
Secure emergency & medical info
Emergency & Medical Engraving
ICE contacts
Medical conditions
Lightweight, waterproof and durable
Laser engraving
Silicon and stainless steel
Range of colours and styles
UKCE iD band
Sticker iD
Card iD
Mobile phone ICE screen
Dog tags
Key fobs

OneLife iD is a UK company


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